Text Advertising, Willingness & Customer Response

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Text Advertising, willingness & customer response
In this proposal we will work on the text advertising, willingness and customer response. In which we are find out the consumer choice of advertising means checking the willingness of consumer about the short sms advertising. Sms advertising is referred or defines as the transaction of direct or indirect monetary values via handheld devices (Dickinger et al., 2005). Thought the sms advertising we will work on the information reach to consumer and increasing the selling products or services through sms advertising. Background:

In this research we will work on sms advertising and find out the problem related to sms advertising in the Pakistan society. In Pakistan consumer used mobile phone as a need and send sms to customer and response of sms advertising is very high and purchasing the product through this type of advertising tool. Research question:

What are SMS Advertising, Permission and the Consumer?
Justification for the proposed research:
Overall in the marketing sectors consumer is always king that’s companies are doing work according to customer choices and send advertising on mobile after the permission of the consumer. Objective:

← Our objective of this research we are check the consumer response through sms advertising whatever consumer are give permission to companies to send a message through short messages. ← To determine the consumer preference about the sms advertising ← To determine the impact of sms advertising on consumer purchase

Preliminary Literature review:

The purpose of this study to examines the acceptance of consumer to receive the short sms about the specific product. When we talk about the sms advertising then we are find out the consumer willingness about this type of advertising, In the start consumer was take information thought the radio use in the 1980s after passing the time consumer were moving next and aware about TV or other media that’s why radio use are eliminated. Now in these years electronic media are working better passing the information to customer and sms advertising are better way to communicate information about the product this is also called direct marketing(Fatim Bamba, Stuart J. Barnes). During the world war second the Motorola mobile phone walkie talkie was use for the consumer third generation long gurney has been made. The growth of the mobile phone or mobile communication mobile is the need of consumer and has been defined as the mobile commerce “transaction with direct or indirect monetary values over wireless handheld devices (Dickinger et al., 2005).” Sms advertising Take permission to consumer that they are receive short sms advertising there are several issues about this advertising. How the consumer will thinking about the sms advertising, how consumer will agree about sms advertising, can consumer response about sms advertising and the some component will influencing consumer willingness. After the study of this issues that one questions have arise why consumer are permission to send a message because unsolicited message are lead consumer confusion or frustration (Barnes and Scornavacca, 2003). If the companies are giving advertising to consumer that is against the consumer and violates the government policy. Now a day’s mobile phone is communicated devices, with the more technology the more people are moving toward the using of mobile phone. Now libraries are make effort in the world of mobile for the purpose of learning, learning through phone. There are many project that will working on initial stage and it may be reach there peak point. The evidence show that mobile learning is very helpful in teaching learning for the higher education (Cook et al., 2007) Today there is the wide range of libraries increasing day by day for the help and increasing communication interaction via sms, these all of us are provide free of cost services .Mobile learning is much...
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