Texas Oil Well Blowouts Cause Dangerous Injuries

Topics: Drilling rig, Pressure, Natural gas Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Texas oil well blowouts cause dangerous injuries

The need for oil and gas to be drilled on American soil is growing. The need for oil and well rigging and oil riggers increases daily. Despite being an extremely dangerous field to go into, oil rigging is a sought after job. As the popularity of oil rigging increases, the danger of doing so will increase as well and the concern for those working with oil welling rises.

Oil well blowouts occur when there is an imbalance in pressure, whether that be from underneath the ground with an occurrence of shifting pressures or above the ground caused by drilling pressure. When this balance of pressure occurs, fluids reach the surface and flow out like a geyser. When this does happen, oil riggers take drastic measures to close the hole and resume normal pressure. It is a difficult and dangerous process.

Because of the surge in oil drilling in Texas, many more deaths are being reported in the state. According to the Department of Labor, the number of workers killed in Texas while mining rose from 35 deaths in 2003 to 45 deaths in 2010.

The most common oil welling accident that causes death is a “struck by” hit. This occurs when machine or well parts come loose and hits someone because of high pressures at the base of a well. Some describe this as rig parts flying towards them as they are propelled by pressurized gases. Other injuries also occur because of faulty machinery or old parts used on older rigs. During an actual blowout, workers often risk dangerous situations, like oil fires and explosions. If a drilling rig worker isn’t killed in an explosion, often times they suffer from severe burns over a large percentage of their body. Another hazard of oil and gas well explosions is chemical exposure. These chemicals can cause long term effects that aren’t realized for many years.

Several precautions have been put in place to reduce these accidents, but even so, it still remains as a dangerous field to work in....
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