Texas Constitution

Topics: Separation of powers, United States, United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The Texas Constitution
Constitutions are a necessary tool in keeping a Nation running in a smooth manner. One is also necessary in keeping the components, which are states, running in an ordered way. The constitution of Texas has a long historical trail from 1827 to 1876 and there are many events that occurred during this time period. The current Texas constitution has many strengths and weaknesses and there have been revisions made to this document. This document limits the way government can be involved in certain problems that arise in Texas. The Texas constitution is a document with positives and negatives but it is definitely a necessity.

Constitutions are a necessary tool because they are the basic law of a state or nation that tells all of the people of the nation or state the way the government is going to be structured as well as how it will function. The constitution has four main purposes which are legitimacy, organizing Government, providing power and limiting governmental power (Newell, 40-42). Legitimacy from the constitution is the way the people accept their government and the way it should be such as fair, moral and just. If the people accept this and most of them do, then they will obey the laws. Constitution also helps to organize the government, both national and states have separation of powers which are the executive, legislative and judicial branches. In order to keep the government at peace in order to run the nation, there is a form of checks and balances that prevents one branch of the government from overpowering the others. It also provides power to the government and allows it certain liberties that it can use when it is “necessary and proper” (Newell, 41). Another purpose is the constitution limits the power of the government in order to prevent the government from dictating and taking away the peoples’ liberties and rights. Because the constitution was a necessity, Texas went through many events to develop one of its own....
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