Texas Annexation

Topics: United States, Mexico, Confederate States of America Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 8, 2008
The decision in which Texas should become annexed was an ongoing battle in which many people have many different beliefs. Henry Clay a famous speaker of the house believed that we should not annex Texas. One of the reasons was that he believed it would start a war with Mexico. He also believed that it would not help the Union at all. Another man John L. O'Sullivan believed that we should annex Texas. One of his main reasons is that it would add more land, power, and another state to the Union.

Henry Clay who I believe did not understood Americas situation as well. He realized that when Texas would be annexed many problems would arise. A war with Mexico would not help the Union in which he states “I am certainly not willing to involve this country in a foreign war for the object of acquiring Texas.” Since Texas would not add any power to the confederacy it would cause tension and problems between states because of slavery issues. Another proof of his conviction in which Texas should not be annexed is him saying “I consider the annexation of Texas as a measure of compromising the national character involving us certainly in war with Mexico and endangering the integrity of the Union.”

John O'Sullivan believes the annexation of Texas would be a positive move into the future for America. This is supported by “patriotism, already begins to thrill for her too within the national heart.” Another example is “She was released rightfully and absolutely released from all Mexican allegiance, or duty of cohesion to the Mexican political body, by the acts and fault of Mexico herself, and Mexico alone.” John O' Sullivan's out of the box ideas and thinking into the future helped the American citizens realized that it was an important to have Texas as a state. He would have never thought that without Texas today that America would not be what it is today. That is why I believe John O' Sullivan was the better man to make America a better place.
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