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Annexation of Texas

Manifest destiny: - It is the belief by democrats in us that they were destined

to expand America. Democrats used it in the 1840s to justify the war with

Mexico and it was also used to divide half of Oregon with Great Britain.

Annexation of Texas: - The annexation of Texas and the Mexican cession

are examples of the Manifest Destiny in action. In 1845, John L. O’Sullivan wrote

an article about the annexation of Texas and first used the term, manifest

destiny. The idea was revived toward the end of the 1800’s during the Spanish-

American War, and also led to the US becoming an imperialistic nation at the

turn of the century.

Texas: - Spanish explorers, including Álvar Núñez Cabeza de

Vaca and Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, were the first to visit the region in the

16th and 17th centuries, settling at Ysleta near El Paso in 1682. In 1685, Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, established a short-lived French colony

at Matagorda Bay.

Americans in Texas: - The first Americans to move to state were patent

holders who came under Moses and Stephen F. Austin's empresario. The 1803

Louisiana Purchase, however, brought Americans into Texas long before the

Austin’s did - and they settled right along the Red River.

Texan leaders: -

1. Sam Houston - One of the most colorful and controversial figures in Texas

history. Houston immediately took control of the Texas forces after the fall of the

Alamo and Goliad, and conducted the retreat of the army to the site of the Battle

of San Jacinto, where on April 21, 1836, his force defeated Santa Anna and

secured Texas long sought independence.

2.William Travis: William Barrette Travis will always be remembered as the

Texas commander at the Alamo. When friction developed between Texas and

Mexico, Travis was one of the first to join the Texas forces. Travis commanded

the Texas defenders during the Siege and Battle of the Alamo. His Appeal from

the Alamo for reinforcements has become an American symbol of unyielding

courage and heroism.

3.Stephen F. Austin: - Austin is remembered in Texas history for his many

efforts on behalf of Texas before, during, and immediately after Texas'

Revolution with Mexico. His contributions to Texas included: long and perilous

pilgrimages to Mexico on behalf of Texas; his unwillingness to counsel his people

to take up arms against the Mexican government as long as any hope for peace

remained; his firm and decided voice, speaking words of encouragement and

hope during the darkest days of the revolution; and his laborious travels in the

United States to obtain needed support for his struggling countrymen.

4.Davy Crockett: - Crockett and a few of his fellow Tennesseans were among

the 189 defenders that sacrificed their lives at The Battle of the Alamo in the

interest on Texas independence.

5.Jim Bowie: - In the Texas Revolution, Bowie was a leading participant at the

Battle of Concepcion and in the Grass Fight near San Antonio. He was in

command of a volunteer force in San Antonio when William Travis arrived with

regular army troops. The two men shared authority during much of the Siege of

the Alamo, which caused some personal friction. But pneumonia disabled Bowie,

and he was confined to his cot at the time of his death on March 6, 1836 at

Battle of the Alamo.

Texas fight for freedom: -
The Texas Revolution began when American settlers in the Mexican province of

Texas rebelled in 1835 because Santa Anna dissolved Mexico’s Congress to

become a dictator. In early 1836 Santa Anna himself led an army to put down

the upstarts in Texas. On March 6 he killed all the defenders in the Alamo, and

later that month massacred the 342 prisoners he captured near Goliad.

Texas got their freedom: - The Republic of Texas won its independence...
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