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Texting vs. Calling People

Mickey Mouse

ENG 121: English Composition I

Prof. Cort Phillipy

June 11, 2010

Texting vs. Calling People

Texting and Calling a New Date are both good ways of communicating. There are different settings in which texting is appropriate, and times when a phone call might meet your needs best. Both texting and calling have strengths and weaknesses. It depends on the age of the person, and whether they have had any previous conversations. Texting and Calling can be good ways of getting to know each other. Texting can be good to keep in touch during the busy part of the day, and calling can be good when a person is ready to be more personable conversation. Texting can be very quick, and easy to do during the day if you are a text savvy, and can text fast. It can also be discrete because you are able to talk about anything without anyone knowing what you and the other person are talking about. It can also be a great tool when you find yourself in the middle of a loud place, and you need to talk to your date. In Japan people text each other even if they are sitting right across from each other. Calling a new date can help you and your date realize if there is any chemistry between the two of you. You can really get to know somebody by the words, and tone of voice they use. And you are able to notice any pauses between what you say and what the other person in the phone is making. A phone call can be better when the person you are trying to communicate with is not familiar with texting lingos, and/or is not fast at typing. Texting while driving can prove to be really dangerous because it takes a second of distraction to get into an accident, but calling while driving is not any better if you have to get distracted to dial the number that is all it takes to go through a red light. In most states it is illegal to text or call while driving if it...
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