Teva Pharmaceutical

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TEVA Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company that develops, produces and markets generic drugs. Its subsidiary, formally known as Sicor, is based in Irvine California and is responsible for the production of injectable suspensions and injectable complex drug delivery systems. TEVA USA’s Irvine office markets products from diverse therapeutic areas including analgesic, anti-infective, cardiovascular, oncology, CNS, dermatological and anti-inflammatory. TEVA’s global structure is vertically-integrated with three main business segments, finishing dosage generic pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals. TEVA’s corporate structure is one of its core competencies. TEVA has a presence in over sixty countries around the world and employees approximately 26,000 people. TEVA’s revenue ranks among the top 20 among all pharmaceutical companies and is the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. TEVA markets its products to chains, wholesalers, distributors, hospitals and government agencies. 80% of TEVA’s sales (8.4 Billion in 2006) are generated from Europe and North America. TEVA has been consistently recognized as having one of the best ANDA approval records in the industry. The corporate headquarters are presently located in Israel, where TEVA was founded in 1901 as Salomon, Levin and Elstein LTD. These men distributed imported medicines on the backs of camels and donkeys. Several pharmaceutical companies were established in the Middle East during the 1930’s as immigrants arrived from Europe. TEVA raised money through the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in 1951 and in 1964 merged with Assia and Zori. In 1980, TEVA was focused on becoming the largest pharmaceutical company when it merged with Ikapharm, Israel’s then second largest drug manufacturer. TEVA’s presence in the US began when it acquired the Lemmon Parmacal Company in 1945. In 1967 new patent laws in Israel allowed Israeli companies to copy foreign patent-protected drugs, as long as they were not marketed in Israel. Then CEO Eli Hurvitz seized the opportunity to copy dozens of foreign drugs, acquiring the expertise on how to produce them efficiently. By law, generic drugs need to be the same as branded drugs, making them a commodity. The only thing that differentiates the different drugs is price competition. Profits are produced by being the first to market. TEVA is often able to be the first to file for drug approval, gaining 180 days of exclusivity. TEVA’s culture is one of informality and is strongly decentralized. TEVA’s focus is on the relationships amongst its people and not its functional roles. There is an expectation of always doing things better than before that helps TEVA be a competitive force in the global market. TEVA’s mission statement is, “To be a leader in the transformation of the U.S healthcare system through its preeminence in the development, manufacture, and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals.” Concepts Applied:

Why Smart Executives Fail gave numerous examples of how companies can fail to see reality clearly. For our paper and presentation, we focused on three main areas. The first concept applied is the idea of brilliantly fulfilling the wrong vision, specifically, focusing on yesterday’s answer and a one track mind set. The second concept from the book that we applied was the information breakdowns in regards to mismanaged information and control systems. The third concept we applied was the handling of mergers and acquisitions. The Irvine branch of TEVA, formerly known as Sicor, underwent some major growing pains when they were acquired by TEVA in 2004. For example, the customer service was outsourced to the USA headquarters in Pennsylvania with little attention paid to problems in Irvine, leading to frustration when clients had problems because the experts were all in Irvine, but customer service was across the country.

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