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acid rain [uncountable]
SGE rain that contains harmful acid which can damage the environment and is caused by chemicals in the air, for example from cars or factories

alteration of natural processes

animal welfare, n the viewpoint that animals, especially those under human care, should not suffer unnecessarily, including where the animals are used for food, work, companionship, or research. This position usually focuses on the morality of human action (or inaction), as opposed to making deeper political or philosophical claims about the status of animals, as is the case for an animal rights viewpoint. For this reason animal welfare organizations may use the word humane in their title or position statements.

CFCs /chlorofluorocarbons/

a gas used in fridges and aerosol cans, believed to be responsible for damaging the ozone layer

conservation, n
1SGE the protection of natural things such as animals, plants, forests etc, to prevent them being spoiled or destroyed [= preservation; ↪ conserve]: wildlife conservation, a local conservation group

conservation of
conservation of the countryside
2 when you prevent something from being lost or wasted [↪ conserve]: energy conservation
conservation of
the conservation of resources through recycling

conservation area [countable]
1SGE an area where animals and plants are protected

damage noun - harm/injury; a bad effect on something
ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, serious, severe substantial, untold I minor, slight | extensive, wide spread | irreparable, irreversible, lasting, long-term, permanent The incident did permanent damage to relations between the two countries. | criminal, malicious wilful He was prosecuted for criminal damage to a vehicle | accidental The insurance policy covers the building for accidental damage. | emotional, environmental, mechanical, psychological, structural | brain She suffered serious brain damage at birth.

VERB + damage cause, do, inflict The earthquake caused widespread damage to property. They inflicted severe psychological damage on their opponents. | suffer | repair | prevent

PREP, -by The palace suffered extensive damage by fire in 1825. -from Crops are sprayed with chemicals to prevent damage from insects. - to lasting damage to the environment

PHRASES the cost/value of the damage The cost of the damage is estimated at around $2 billion, the extent of the damage At the moment it is difficult to assess the extent of the damage.

damage verb to have a bad effect on something or someone in a way that makes them weaker or less successful: ADV. badly, seriously, severely The building was badly damaged by fire. | slightly | irreparably, permanently She may have damaged her health irreparably.

damaging adj. affecting someone or something in a bad way:
VERBS be, prove | become

ADV. deeply, extremely, gravely, highly, immensely, profoundly, seriously, severely, very This scandal could prove seriously damaging to the government. | quite, rather | possibly, potentially | positively These new measures will do nothing to raise school standards: they may be positively damaging. | economically, environmentally, politically, psychologically Building the proposed new road would be environmentally damaging.

PREP, to Smoking is damaging to health.

danger noun the possibility that someone or something will be harmed, destroyed, or killed: adj. big, considerable, enormous, extreme, grave great, mortal, obvious, real, serious, terrible They are in grave danger of losing everything. She knew that she was now in mortal danger. There is a real danger that the bridge will collapse from the weight of traffic. | acute, immediate, imminent, impending They are in imminent danger of attack. | constant, ever-present the ever present danger of crime | long-term | inherent There art inherent dangers in the system. | slight | possible, potential | personal | physical...
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