Tet Paper Ii 2012 Questions with Answers (1)

Topics: Vedas Pages: 83 (12538 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Foe;ij Nkk;ghL kw;Wk; fw;gpj;jy;
1. Army alpha test is a
a. Performance test
c. Non – verbal test
,uhZt My;gh Nrhjid xU
a. nraw; Nrhjid
c. nkhoprhuh Nrhjid

b. Verbal test
d. Culture fair test
b. nrhw;Nrhjid
d. gz;ghl;Lr; Nrhjid

2. Number of verbal and picture tests in Torrance creativity test are respectively
a. 5, 3
b. 6, 2
c. 7, 2
d. 7, 3
lhnud;]; Mf;fj;jpwd; Nrhjidapy; cs;s nkhopr; Nrhjid> glj;
Nrhjidfspd; vz;zpf;if KiwNa
a. 5, 3
b. 6, 2
c. 7, 2
d. 7, 3
3. What is your opinion in the reforms of present education system? This question induces
a. Convergent thinking
b. Divergent thinking
c. Logical thinking
d. Negative thinking
jw;fhy fy;tp Kiwapy; Njitg;gLk; khw;wq;fshf ePtph; fUJtd
ahit? ,t;tpdh
J}z;Lk; rpe;jid
a. Ftp rpe;jid
b. tphp rpe;jid
c. jh;ff rpe;jid
d. vjph;kiw rpe;jid
4. Feeling and reflecting of others emotions like happiness and anger is a. passive sympathy
b. sensitive
c. imitation
d. active sympathy
xUtuJ Kfj;jpy; kfpo;rrp> rpdk; Nghd;w czh;rrpia fhZk;NghJ
ek;ikAk; mwpahkNyNa mDgtpg;gJ
a. nrayw;w gphpT
b. czh;T kpFjp
c. gpd;gw;wy;
d. nraYw;w ghpT

5. “If the people of the society has high achievement motivation, the economic growth increases and the society gets modernized”. It is given in the book
a. The achieving Society
b. Achievement of the Society
c. Society and Achievement
d. Society and its Development
“rKjha kf;fsplk; milt+f;fp cah;ej epiyapy; fhzg;gl;lhy; gy ;
mr;rKjhak; etPdkilAk;” vd Fwpg;gplg;gl;Ls;s E}y;
a. j mr;rtpq; nrhi]l;b
b. mr;rtkz;l; M/g; nrhi]l;b
c. nrhi]l;b mz;l; mr;rtkz;l;
d. nrhi]l;b md;l; ,l;]; nltyg;kndl;
6. The concept of _________ was introduced by Alfred Adler
a. Oedipus complex
b. Inferiority complex
c. Mental health
d. Boorish and coarse
My;gpul; Ml;yh; _______ vd;Dk; fUj;ijj; Njhw;Wtpj;jhh;
a. xbg;g]; rpf;fy;
b. jho;Tr; rpf;fy;
c. kd eyk;
d. gz;ghbd;ik
7. Scapegoatism is an example of
a. Rationalisation
b. Introversion
c. Compensation
d. Displacement
gypflh Mf;fg;gLjy; vd;gJ ______ jw;fhg;G elj;ij
a. fhuzk; fw;gpj;jy;
b. mfNehf;Filik
c. jtW Vw;gbd; mLj;jth; kPJ gop Rkj;Jjy;
Nghd;w gz;Gfis cilath;
a. mfKfh; b. Kd; Nfhgp
c. GwKfh;
d. Gw mfKfh;
13.Which of the following is not a projective technique
a. Rorschach ink – blot test
b. Sentence completion test
c. Word association test
d. Interest inventing test
foffhz;gitfSs; vJ Gwj;Njw;W Ez;Kiw my;y?
a. Nuhh;~hf; ikj;jl Nrhjid
b. thf;fpak; epug;gy; Nrhjid
c. nrhw;fs; njhlh;G Nrhjid
d. fth;rrp msit Kiw
14.Strong’s famous interest evaluating tool is
a. personal interest bank
b. Vocational interest bank
c. Musical interest bank
d. Language interest bank

fth;rrp gw;wpa ];luhq;fpd; gpugy kjpg;glLf; fUtp
a. Ra fth;rrp gl;bay;
b. njhopw; fth;rrp gl;bay;
c. ,irf; fth;rrp gl;bay;
d. nkhopf; fth;rrp gl;bay;
15.Schizophrenia is
a. psychoneuroses
c. psycroses
czh;rrp tpz;l epiy vd;gJ
a. euk;Gj; jsh;rrp
c. jtpu csj;jLkhw;w Neha;

b. personality behaviour disorder
d. psychosomatic disorder
b. MSikf; NfhshW Neha;
d. cs-cly; Neha;

16.Ergograph is used to explore
a. mental fatigue
b. physical fatigue
c. monotony
d. disinterest
vh;Nfhfpuhg; vd;Dk; fUtpapd; %yk; Muhag;gLtJ
a. kdf;fisg;G
b. clw;fisg;G
c. mYg;G
d. Mh;tkpd;ik
17.The study of fluctuation of visual attention can be experimentally made with the help of a
a. Mason’s disc
b. Marquis disc
c. Tachistoscope
d. Compact disc
ghh;it ftdj;jpy; Vw;gLk; khWjy;fisr; Nrhjid %yk; fz;lwpa
cjTk; fUtp
a. Nk]d;]; jl;L
b. khh;ftp]; tl;L
c. lhrp];lh];Nfhg;
d. jWe;jfL
18.An educationist who had the Eidetic imagery is
a. Gandhiji
b. Aurobindo
c. Dr. Radhakrishnan
d. Tagore
kjnjspr; rhay; ngw;wtuhf $wg;gLk; fy;tpahsh;...
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