Tet Hoiliday

Topics: Tết, Peach, Family Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: February 27, 2013
One of the most popular important holiday in Vietnam is called the Tet holiday. It's a rare manual occasion for every family members to have their own reunion at the begining of the year also is the best time for everyone to relax after a long hard working time of the year. People celebrated it on the 1st of Lunar January. A lot of commonly special things usually happening in these Tet holiday in a lot of happy activities, when people often prepared for those Holy days with the good dishes of traditional foods , furnishing around the houses with many kinds of very beatiful flowers, cleaning decorating around over the house....are the 3 normally mainly things in Tet holidays. The housewifes usually prepare for the visitors in their meetings with some good dishes very popular with jam, watermelon, chung and tet cakes, some good meals cooking with meat and eggs, the cake presently sympolizes people lives on earth. One's as important element as those are specific apricot and peach blossom flowers. The flowers're seemingly symbolising lots of luck and happiness for the new year. Apricot is often seeing in the South while peach blossom is opening as the symbol of spring in the North. People display themselves at the very first time being in the house showing their bringings luck and happiness for the new year comming. In this special time people often go to visit all the older of the family as grandparent and all the relatives , have meetings with the teachers and friends. The women often go to the pagodas on the first days going outside of the house to pray for everyone' health in the families for having a lot of completed things in the new year. The children're usually given some money packs from the olders as the best wishes for them .In the shorten days of Tet holiday being usually the specially rare chance for everybody to sum up everything that they have gained in the year. For me it's ever really happy for my family members to be gathering in the dinner of the...
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