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"Secret" Reveals Bullying Problem|
Hi I’m "Secret," and I have a huge bully problem. I am one of the students you see every day. When you speak to me, I’m always smiling, but maybe you have noticed some days when I’m just not happy. Some of you have even come and asked me what’s wrong because I just can’t take the pain and abuse anymore--it’s got me thinking of suicide. Every day before school, a group of girls comes up to me and picks on me, saying they can’t wait to beat me up.

That’s so creepy because they aren’t little--they’re fat, short, tall, skinny, and big, and it just freaks me out. When I’m waiting for my mom to come pick me up, they make me want to cry, but instead I just smile.

There are just some days when I wish it could just rain so that I could walk in the rain, and nobody would know that I’m crying.

I really would have loved to have told you, but I was just too afraid to say anything. I feel like when I’m at home in my room that I’m in the safest place in the world because I know that they don’t know where I live.

I stopped talking to people because I knew that she did all the talking and when I got bullied she stood up for me. Now I don’t have anybody to stand up for me, but every once in a while, I go places with my cousins, and we bump into the girls that pick on me at the school. My cousins tell them to leave me alone, or they will have to go through them. They get scared and walk off, but it always makes things worse for me.

Ugh, sometimes I think about giving up my life, but then I think of the people I would hurt if I did. Ugh life is so confusing at times I just get super lost and half the time I feel left out sometime at times I feel like if I tell a teacher I’m getting picked on she/he want do anything or they will tell that it’s me and they will call us all in the office but I don’t want to be in the office because then they will call me a snitch and then the whole school well half the school will call me a...
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