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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Test your understanding:
1. a. Why is it important for firms to understand the threat environment? b. Name the three common security goals.
c. Briefly explain each.
d.What is an incident?
e.What are the synonyms for incidents?
f. What are countermeasures?
g. What are are the synonyms for counter measure?
h. What are the goals of countermeasures?
i. What are the three types of countermeasures?
a.Threat environment is important for firms to understand because,the companies are able to defend themselves,understanding the threat environment is a fancy way of saying “know your enemy”,if you do not know how you may be attacked,you cannot plan to defend yourself.

b.The three common security goals
* Confidentiality
* Integrity
* Availability
c.Confidentiality- means that people cannot read sensitive information, either while it is on a computer or while it is travelling across a network Itegrity- means that attackers cannot change or destroy information, either while it is on a computer or while it is traveling across a network. Or atleast,if information is change or destroyed. Availability- means that people who are authorized to use information are not prevented from doing so.

d. Incident- A single measured cyber-attack. The problem with "incidents" is that it is often hard to quantify exactly what is going on. Sometimes "incidents" are detected that are actually due to networking anamolies that have nothing to do with hacking. Therefore, an "incident" starts life when something is detected. As time goes on, the incident will be updated with more information, such as grouping together related attacks.

e.Synonyms for incidents-affair,circumstance, and happening. f.Countermeasures-tools used to thwart attacks,can be technical,human,or(most commonly) a mixture of two. g.Synonyms for countermeasure- safeguards and controls.

h.The goal of Countermeasures is to keep business processes on track for meeting their...