Testing the Viability of Honey-Ipil-Ipil Concoction as a Dewormer

Topics: Alternative medicine, Ayurveda, Leucaena leucocephala Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: February 15, 2011
The advocacy toward using traditional and alternative medicine to deal with common maladies has increased significantly these past few years. Before, the use of herbal medicine had been disregarded because of the presence of lab-prepared and commercially available medicines. Most of us may think that the use of herbal or traditional medicine was now obsolete and a long-aged practice. Moreover, as science-research progresses, the efficacy of lab-prepared medicine was doubtly questioned.

The aftermath effect and the nutrient-cadaver tendencies of these commercial medicines are evident and are indicated in their respective precautionary tag. Bearing this parameter in mind, the trust of people in commercial medicine in dealing with common diseases was shaken, opting them to seek alternative ways. The result was the re-introduction of traditional/ alternative medicine, a practice long been disregarded but with proven result.

The study was geared toward creating herbal medicine in dealing with common children parasite (worms to be exact), with the same effect as that of commercially-available Dewormer. The study will focus on the use of Ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala), a common plant use as perimeter barricade; and honey, disaccharide from bees. This study aims to establish the efficacy of the resulting concoction in reducing if not totally eradicating parasites in children.

The objective of regular deworming is to get rid of existing infections or to lower worm burden. Children may be re-infected after a short time. The intention of Honey-Ipil-Ipil Concoction Dewormer is to control the level of infection and keep the worm burden of infected individuals below the threshold that causes significant morbidity without spending a single penny. The seeds of Ipil-Ipil will be dried and then powdered. The powdered Ipil-Ipil seeds will be mixed with honey followed by half a glass of water, taken as a single dose after a meal. This shall be repeated after a week...
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