Testing the Solubility of Salt

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Science| Solubility Of Salt|

Wednesday, January 14, 2013 Math 704

What is the exact point in which point in which 100mL of room temperature water (solvent) can no longer hold any more salt (solute)(the saturation point)? Hypothesis:
If I pour in 32-36 grams of salt then, the solution will come close to point of saturation in the room temperature water because since the water is at room temperature, the dissolving rate of how fast/how much of the salt in the water will become neutral, constant and even. This information that I am concluding with leads me to believe that the point of saturation is between 32-36 grams of salt.

Experiment Method:
The method I have chosen to conduct is to complete trials of five (5) grams of salt. I plan on pouring 5 grams of salt, stir the water, let it sit for a bit, then add more if the water hasn’t become oversaturated. Once the water becomes oversaturated, I will start again, pouring in the last amount of salt, before the water had became oversaturated. Then I will add one (1) gram of salt, until the water becomes oversaturated. When this occurs once again, I will put the last ending mark of salt. Afterwards, I will add more salt, except this time by halves (.5). I think this is the best method because I believe it will come very close to the correct answer. The materials I will need are 50 grams or so of salt (used as the solute), 100 mL of water (used as the solvent), 1 weighing scale (used to measure out the amount of salt in grams, to the nearest ten), 2 spoons (one for mixing with, and one for measuring out the salt), and two cups (one for putting the solution in, and one for containing the 50 grams or so of salt). After all is completed, I will clean-up. Safety and Errors:

I am going to avoid accidents by keeping the all the materials in the middle of a cleared off desk....
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