Testing the Service Quality Provided: University of Girne American Library

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Student name: Abdelkarim Kitana
Student ID no.: 123001056
Course: Advanced Research Methods
Specialization: PhD – Business Management
Instructor: Dr. OzonOrmeci

Testing the Service Quality Provided by the
University of Girne American Library

Table of contents
3| Summary | 3-4| Introduction to the study|
4| Introduction to the organization|
4| Girne American University Library|
4-5| Statement of the problem|
5-6| Hypothesis|
6-10| Literature review|
10-11| Research Methodology|
11| Limitations of the study|
11-14| Findings and results|
14| Conclusion |
14-15| Recommendations |
16-17| References |

This study will be very important because it is the first study will discuss in details the services which are available in Girne American University Library. The researcher in this study will test and measure the quality of these services, in addition to, he will test the user's satisfaction about these services and what are the users' needs and wants. Total samples of 100 users of students were used in this study and a descriptive statistics were used to tabulate obtained results and gap analysis was used. Moreover, the researcher will examine the usage of library, the physical environment of the library, according to library collections, library environment, library IT services, the overall quality and the most important services. The results of the study showed that most of the library users are male and enrolled in humanities and social sciences, the respondents find the overall quality is good and most of them don't find it excellent. Introduction to the study

Bhat (2002) viewed that to have customer focus, it is essential to understand the customer perception of quality. Since the customers’ needs, values and expectations are constantly changing and becoming more demanding, there is no acceptable quality level for customers’ needs and expectations. Today the challenge for business is to produce quality for business is to produce quality products for services efficiently. This means quality is not a new concept in modern business or in service organizations. Kano (2001) breaks down quality into four categories, these four categories are: indifferent quality, expected quality, one – dimensional quality and exciting quality. The researcher found that exciting quality is the most important, which meet customers’ perceptions and customers’ expectations. Bhat (2002) viewed very important point that all organizations must ask these questions: Which services meet customers’ expectations? Which do not? What services do customers need that they are not receiving? and Are they receiving services that they do not need?. From these four questions, we can understand customers’ needs; also customer-driven performance for standards should be used as the basis for goal setting, problem solving and performance appraisal. In addition to, users’ perceptions service quality is very necessary in order to determine the level of service quality delivered by the organization. In this research the researcher will enhance the users’ perception of service quality at Girne American University Library. Users’ perception of service quality can help shape the types of services provided by the library at Girne University in the future. There are so many studies and researches about service quality in various fields, less attention has been given to service quality in libraries. This shows the importance of this research. Introduction to the organization

Girne American University (GAU) was founded in 1985 as an independent non-profit institution of higher education, the university located in Cyprus, in Girne. GAU's goals is to become a university with and without walls, to make American model learning opportunities accessible throughout life, and to making them challenging and relevant to a diverse...
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