Testing the Effect of Light and Gravity on Plant Growth

Topics: Root, Plant, Gravitation Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Testing the effect of light and gravity on plant growth

By: Michael Henry

Analysis and Conclusion


Day| Change in degree|
1| 0°|
2| 63°|
3| 71°|
4| 71°|
5| 78°|


Day| Box with Hole| Box with no Hole|
1| The plant grew 4.5 inches normally| The plant grew 1.5 inches bit in a rolled/wavy way | 2| There was a new plant 5 inches tall, the old one grew 4 inches and the both grew in direction of the hole.| Died|

Day| Plant in Black Pot| Plant in Cardboard pot|
1| Grew 1.9 inches| Was starting the growing process but at the moment didn’t had a height| 2| There is a new plant 3.4 inches tall while the old one ended with 8.3 inches| There is a new growth in this one as well but was only 1.2 inches tall while the other one she finished with 8.4 inches |

1. What effect does gravity has on roots and stems growth? Gravity affects the roots by growing in the direction of gravitational pull, Stems show negative response gravity by growing in the opposite direction.

2. Do root and stem respond to the presence of auxins in a similar or different manner? Explain

3. When gardening, must you always be careful about the direction a seed faces when planted in the ground? Explain No. Because the way the plant responds to the environmental factors doesn’t depends on it.

4. What effects does light have on stems growth?
Affects the direction the stem will bend because the plant grows toward the light’s direction.

5. Did the plants in the in the boxes exhibit positive or negative phototropism? Positive

6. Was there any significant difference between the three different sets of plants? If so, what was the difference?

7. Can you account for any difference in the appearance between the plants that were in the boxes and the...
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