Testing on Animals

Topics: Animal testing, Morality, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Testing on Animals
In today’s generation, there is a rise in population of those who are against the unfair treatment of animals, including the consumption of their meat, use of fur for garments, and testing for medical reasons. Using animals to scientifically test the safety of drugs and cosmetics for humans is controversial within many organizations, such as PETA and Pro-Test. Animals should be tested on for scientific reasons because it has been proven beneficial for human’s safety, and they do not have the same moral capacity as humans. However, there should be set standards for conditions of how these animals are tested, as well as treated: they should be comfortable, they should never suffer, and they should be treated respectfully with their wellbeing highly prioritized. Every year, about 50-100 million animals are used scientifically worldwide. In 2003, about 3 million animals were used in the United Kingdom alone. One-third of those animals were used for pharmaceutical testing, while another one-third was used for biological comparisons. A majority of the animals used for testing are rats and mice. Less than three percent of the animals used were pigs, dogs, and primates. Rats and mice should continue to be used for testing because, unlike primates, they have a low moral status. According to Pro-Test, an organization that believes animals should continue to be tested on medically, moral status means that the living thing can sense whether what they are doing is right or wrong, or will bring pain or pleasure. How one responds gives him or her their own moral value. For example, when we, as humans, see someone suffering, we help because we understand his or her moral value. Humans do not give non-sentient living things moral value, and believe that since it cannot feel anything, how we treat them is not important. Seeing all non-sentient life forms suffer does not create an emphatic response because we know that it does not have the moral...
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