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  • Published: August 11, 2014
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Concepts that in the tutorial :
a.Preparing a presentation.
b.Delivering effective presentation.
c.Monroe’s motivated sequence for a presentation.
d.Using Non Verbal Communication in presentation.
2.Activities during the tutorial :
a.Group Presentation about “The Best Job in The World”
b.Group Presentation and Role Playing in selling item that provided by lecturer. 3.What did I learn from the tutorial (draw on the activity/activities undertaken)?

In the first group presentation, I learnt how to develop Idea and prepare presentation in short period of time. Afterward, we watch our recorded performance and analyze our performance. I learnt to use video recording to observe my NVC and find out whether I used it correctly or not. I discovered that recording and reviewing my presentation could really help me to improve my presentation skill.

In the second Group Presentation, I learnt how to implement Monroe’s motivated sequence in a presentation. I learnt how to use a ‘hook’ to attract people in my presentation. In addition, I also learnt to think outside the box. Because in this presentation, my group need to persuade people to buy a broken marker, which is a very hard work to do. But eventually we get the idea to transform the marker into a symbol of culture as a Steve Job legacy and drag people’s mind to see it in that point of view.

I also learnt that I need to consider the audience, the equipment that I use in my presentation, the size of the room and optimize it to support my performance.

4.What is my learning gap in relation to this topic?

My Learning gaps are:
a.Sometimes, it is hard for me to find exact word to express my idea. Therefore, I should read and watch more to widen my knowledge. b.Nervous is always come to me in the beginning of presentation. So, I need more practice in doing presentation.

5.How will I apply what I learnt to my studies, work, or other aspects of my life?

Both during my study...
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