Topics: High school, Interpersonal relationship, Middle school Pages: 16 (4028 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Effects of Romantic Relationship to the Academic Performance of Fourth-Year Highs School Students in Sacred Heart Academy of Pasig
School Year 2012-2013

In Partial Fulfilment of the
Requirements in English IV


Angeles, Jake Clion
Espanola, Changmi
Estrera, Leslie
Maguikay, Patricia
Magpantay, Rowie
Sosito, John Victor
Sazon, Reinyl Paul



High school is the most popular place for teenagers. This is a place where teenagers learned to interact with each other and to value the relationships they have with both the same or opposite sex. In some point in this teenage life, they begin to establish a romantic relationship with their opposite sex. Furthermore, teenagers may misinterpret the idea of infatuation and divert their attention and learning to romance. Does having a relationship affect academic performance among high school students? It is understood that most of high school students will go to school to learn, to search for new knowledge, to acquire skills and to develop the attitude in order to become a good person. But this is does not always be the case, maybe some will go to school to be with their peers, to look for new friendship, or even to find a person who can understand them better a partner. Well maybe some will say that being in a relationship can help you a lot. Like in the story of Travis Lee (2009) a journalist, who said that being in a relationship with a smart girlfriend helps him in his work. He further said that being in a relationship needs understanding and balancing between studies and relationship. However, in the study done at the Department of Psychology in Loyola University (2005) it was found out that there was no clear cut relationship between academic performance and romantic relationship among teenagers. They only discovered that most high school students who are in a relationship tend to experience more stressful life during deadline of assignments. This probably is due to the pressure that a partner imposes on a teenager. That is, a teenager needs to do his homework and study at the same time, and to find ways to be with his partner. A different scenario is when both of them need to work hard to cope up with their grades and school requirements and no one can help them. Hence, they both end up with failing grades. Despite of all these mind boggling questions, still what matters is, how students are able to cope with this fast paced high school life. Moreover, students must show vigilance in whatever decision they are about to make.

Statement of the problem
This study is designed to determine the effects of romantic relationship on the studies of high school students of Sacred Heart Academy of Pasig 2012- 2013 This will also determine the following:
1. The profile of high school students of Sacred Heart Academy- Pasig with regards to the following: a. gender ;
a. age ;
c. year level ;
d. relationship status ;
* Single ;
* In a relationship ;
e. academic status:
* Above average ;
* Average ;
* Below average ;
2. Reasons for engaging in a romantic relationship
3. The effects of having a romantic relationship
* Positive effects
* Negative effects

Significance of the study
This study is significant to the following:
1.) Students- to formulate and impose effective strategies on good study habits. 2.) Parents- parental awareness on their participation in their children’s academic performance. 3.) School- to know ways of helping students to be more involved in their studies. Scope and Limitations

This study was conducted in Sacred Heart Academy of Pasig. This study involved all fourth-year high school students in SHAP enrolled in the school year 2012-2013. A survey with formulated questions was used to gather data. On the other hand, this paper is limited since the study included...
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