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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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1. According to Boyer, which of the following is true of New England families? C. While encountering serious legal restrictions, women were freer than their European counterparts 3.The explorations of Ponce de Leon, Navarez, and Coronado are important to American history for which of significance of the following? B. they discovered nothing 5.Which of the following factors helped in the ultimate survival of Jamestown? E. Political freedom and the recruitment of women 7.The chief purpose of the headright and patroonship systems was to... E. Increase the population of the colonies. 10.Which of the following is true of colonial New England? E. It was the least mercantilistic of the sections. 11.Which of the following is true of the Southern colonies? E. Organized religion suffered because of low population densities; It was the least industrialized of the colonial regions. 14.Which of the following was not true of the back country? A. People were more socially conscious than in the East. 15. Which of the following most nearly describes early attempts at colonial unity? A. They arose sporadically when conditions warranted. 16.Which of the following were results of the great Awakening? B. Increased numbers of denominations, A decrease in respect for authority, Division of many sects into old light new light factories. 18. Which of the following is true of the British North American colonies? E. they discouraged ethnic diversity from the start, They relied more on agriculture and less on extractive pursuits then the French or Spanish colonies. 19.The joint stock company became the chief colonizing tool of England because… E. It reduced the risk for each investor. 20.The most famous of the triangular trade routes exchanged… D Rum, slaves, molasses. 21.The result of salutary neglect on the colonies was… B. Development of a colonial expectation of self-rule. 23.Colonist tended to distrust which branch of government the most? B. executive 24.The Mayflower...