Test Anxiety

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  • Published : July 29, 2011
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Question: Test anxiety is a problem for many students; you have been finding solution. Write an essay of approximately 500 words that contains a definition of test anxiety and explain why it is a problem. And then describe the solutions you recommend.

For easy understanding, test anxiety can be simply described as a condition in which the person goes through disturbing uneasiness in the period before, during and even after a test, both emotionally and physically. From another perspective, psychologists view test anxiety as an obstacle to a person's studying process and then, test performance. Test anxiety, at the bottom line, is described as an over-worry of a person over his/her test performance which affects the person's learning effectiveness and lower the test outcome. Albeit how people perceivepest anxiety, its impact to a person are not only limited to his/her study but also his/her future. Hence, after taking a look at the symptoms of test anxiety, some recommended tips for test-taking and strategies for doing well in examinations will also be introduced.

First and foremost, test anxiety has a wide range of symptoms, be it physical or emotional one. The pressure of doing well for the test influences a person's hormonal level which then disrupt his/her physical state. The person, as a result, will suffer nauseous feeling, headache, profuse sweating and diarrhea, to name a few. In the case of extreme anxiety, test anxiety patients' heart rate rapidly increases; and they also experience restlessness, as well as sleeping disorder. These symptoms will subsequently worsen the person's emotional balance which affect his/her ability to memorize during the learning course. If the condition of test anxiety continues in a prolonged period, the person can eventually have a heart attack. Therefore, I would recommend some effective ways to deal with the issue as listed below.

To begin with, one can avoid examination failure by learning to control test anxiety....
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