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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Associated Orders
- Plan to plan transfer processed wherein the associated orders are not under the original/main order promotion. - Condition:The main order should have qualified for the promotion

Wrong Promo Plan
- Plan to Plan Transfer to be processed wherein the order has been placed under an Incorrect promotion. (ex: If an order has qualified for a 6 months No interest however the plan on the account is 12 months)

- For bundle issues – from one promo plan to another promo plan -Condition: Note that there should be an existing promotion on the account.

No Promo Plan
- Plan to Plan Transfer from regular to any promo - Wherein the current plan on the account is regular & we are changing it to a promotion. - If existing plan on the account is a promotion - then the request type to be used is Wrong Promo Plan. - For cancelled/reentered orders – wherein the cancelled order is qualified for a promotion but the reentered order was under a regular plan - For bundle issues – from regular plan to promo plan

- Condition: Order should qualify for the promotion however the plan on the account is regular. We can also process plan

Promo Plan Exception
Order does not qualify for any promotion. However, Sup makes an exception to provide the customer with a promotion.

- Exception can be on one of the following if a customer is upset. ➢ Ins fast track to normal inspiron
➢ If any promotion is given the corresponding item should have had a promo running. ➢ On dollar thresholds
- Sales Misinformation – Was advised by Sales Rep that the order is under no interest plan: 1. Ask customer for documentation – ask to fax to validate 2. If the customer said that she did not received any documentation – the ff should be observed: a. Order amount should be $500 or more

b. Good payment history (not...
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