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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Stama Ionela Valentina School: Sc. Gimnaziala Ungureni Nr. 1, Corbii Mari Date: 14th of March 2013 Grade: 7th Level: Pre-Intermediate Course-book: Shine, Macmillan Unit lesson: ‘’Superstition and mystery’’ New lesson: First conditional (part II) Lesson type: Integrated skills Aims: 1st – to provoke Ss to use words and phrases they have been learning recently;

2nd – to practise the First Conditional;
3rd – to watch PPT presentations regarding First Conditional;
4th– to solve some worksheets using First Conditional.

Skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking Strategies: conversation, exercise, explanation Type of interaction: Teacher-whole classgroup workteacher-groups Aids: worksheets, cards, laptop, video projector.


Stages of the lesson
Activity 1 Organizing the classTeacher greets the students and asks them a few ordinary questions.Strategies: conversationSkills: speaking, listeningSs activity: Ss answerAim: provoke Ss to use phrases and words they have been learning recently.Time: 1 minute Activity 2 Warm-up- SuperstitionTeacher gives the Ss to solve a task at the Bb.Strategies: explanationSkills: reading, writing, listeningSs activity: Ss solve the taskAim: to pass to the next stage of the lessonTime: 4 minutes Activity 3 Checking previous knowledgeTeacher asks Ss what they did last time they met. Teacher asks Ss questions about First Conditional.Strategies: conversation, explanationSkills: speaking, listeningSs activity: Ss answer their teacher’s questionsAims: to provoke SS use words and phrases...
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