Test 1: Leadership Management

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: November 5, 2012
1Chapter 1
- A boss by definition usually has position power over subordinates. True - A factor common to the leadership classification systems is the view of leadership as a process of influence. True - According to Burns, followers should remember that their leaders are above them and act accordingly. False - An individual perceived by other group members as influential can only be an assigned leader, not an emergent one. False - Followers usually are responsible for maintaining the relationship with leaders. False - Kotter argues that managerial and leadership functions are really quite similar. True - Leaders who use coercion are generally mostly interested in their own goals, rather than those of subordinates. True - Leadership occurs in both large and small groups. True

- Over 60 different leadership classification systems have been developed. True - The earliest leadership theories in the 20th century emphasized control and centralization of power. True
- The process definition of leadership states that certain individuals have inborn qualities that
differentiate them from nonleaders. False

- The research on leadership generally has found it to be a relatively simple process. False - The view that leadership is a behavior rather than a trait emerged in the 1930s. False

Chapter 2
- A major strength of the trait approach is that it is quite useful for training. False - In application, the trait approach can help individuals pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. True - In his early studies, Stogdill found that leaders in one situation would almost always be leaders in another situation. False - Of all the traits that are related to leadership, intelligence is probably the strongest (most consistent). True - Some studies have suggested that masculinity is a leadership trait. True - Stogdill's later studies argued that personality and situational factors were both determinants of leadership. True - The Big Five & Leadership meta-analysis...
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