Tessie the Protagonist

Topics: The Lottery, Short story, Stoning Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Tessie, in the story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is the lucky winner of the lottery. In Tessie’s town the lottery winner does not receive a large sum of money but instead gets stoned to death. In the beginning Tessie agrees with the lottery by when she is drawn she changes her opinion. Mama, from “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is a strong willed woman that has to deal with a family issue. Emily, from “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is an outcast from her town and she kills a man. Mama and Emily have many characteristics of a great protagonist but Tessie Hutchison is my favorite.

I believe that a great protagonist must come from a great story. “The Lottery” is a story that is like nothing I have every read before. I found it very intriguing; therefore, I believe it made Tessie a great protagonist. At the beginning of the story Tessie forgot what the day was and arrived late to the lottery. When she found out her name was drawn she was the only person in the village to protest. Tessie would have never argued if someone else would have won, thus making her a hypocrite. If I put myself in Tessie’s shoes I could see myself reacting the way she does and that made her my favorite protagonist.

Emily Grierson, from “A Rose for Emily” was a sick and twisted character. Throughout the story she was an outsider from society. There were three particular events that made me think how disgusting this character is. First, when Emily’s father died she kept his body for a few days and refused to give it up. Second, Emily killed a man named Homer Barron because she was afraid he would have abandoned her. Lastly, forty years after Homer passed away a locked door was broken down in her house and the townspeople found Homers body with a long strand of Emily’s hair; therefore, Emily had been sleeping with a dead man. With Tessie I could relate to her actions but with Emily I would react the complete opposite to what she did. With Tessie I sympathized because she had...
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