Tess vs Jane Eyre

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The Comparison between Jane Eyre and Tess

Jane Eyre and Tess, two famous literary characters in the Victorian Period, there are many similarities and diversities between them. It is very helpful to do the paper work through studying theirs similarities and diversities.

4.1 The Comparison of theirs Background

In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, the heroine’s family was very poor, and she lost both of her parents when she is very young, then she became an orphan girl and had to living rely on her aunt Mrs. Reed. Jane Eyre’s life was destitute, but she never lost her dignity, although her social background was very inferior in that snobbish capitalist community. She was come from the inferior classes of people, and it predestined that she will live through all sorts of unimaginable misery, but she was never conquered by the bitterness. Obviously she is very strong. Let’s see Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Tess, the novel’s heroine, was an absolute tragic character. She was also comes from the lower classes of people, like Jane Eyre. Under the author’s writing, Tess is a beautiful, innocent peasant girl, but her family was very poor. John Durbeyfield, her father and a guzzler, and her mother Joan was much attenuated. The poverty of the family forced Tess to claim kinship with the sham but rich D’Urbervilles. Alec, the young master of the D’Urbervilles, a dandy, pretended to be a kind man and had Tess in his care due to her beauty. At first, he made Tess to feed chickens in his house and treated her very well, but he seduced Tess and impregnated her only three months later. Then Tess’s horrible tragedies started. It is very simple to find several similarities and diversities between Jane Eyre and Tess’s background, these factors is very important to the research. In the first place, they have similar family situation, both of them was born in a poor family and had to live on relatives. They were all come from the lower classes and it determines that they were unavoidable to be oppressed by the rich men. However, Jane Eyre was ever studying in the school and then became a governess, but Tess was never had these experiences. As a well educated woman, Jane Eyre expressed a strong revolted spirit and pursued freedom, finally she won. On the contrary, Tess was weak and obedient in her character, she didn’t have any educational backgrounds, this factor determines which she could did nothing to the cruel fate but to bear; it is one important root of her later nightmare. In a word, Jane Eyre and Tess’s similar family condition decides their alike destiny, and their different cultural level determines their entirely different character, then causes their opposite ending.

4.2 The Comparison of theirs Character

Jane Eyre is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respected girl. However, the girl who was small and fragile in physical struggled for her happiness, and longed for spirit free without hesitation. She is very kind and punctilious, in everybody’s eyes; Jane should be gratitude to her aunt for her kindness. However, Jane chose another way. These a series of matters embodies that Jane Eyre is a kind, rugged, punctilious and ambitious woman. By comparison to Jane Eyre, Tess is a weak woman in some sort. She is a pure, pretty and diligent peasant girl, she was struck by hypocrisy and evil while her dream of life’s truth and kindness. In Thomas Hardy’s ideal world, Tess is the symbol of beauty and the embodiment of love; she stands for all the good characters of the Wessex people: beautiful, pure, kind, plain, benevolent and tolerant. But these good characters cannot changes her dark destiny, she is very weak when her suffering of secular public opinion and traditional moral’s persecution. So after all, she is destroyed by the cruel capitalist world like a fragile flower. There are several obvious similarities and diversities between Jane Eyre and Tess’s character. Firstly, both...
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