Tess' True Home

Topics: Freedom of speech, Brian Wilson, Emotion Pages: 4 (1752 words) Published: February 21, 2013
In the works, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy explores what characteristics help to achieve a sense of home. By viewing various settings and the events that occur in each, the security of a home and what that should entail is shown in one particular setting. A home should be a safe and friendly atmosphere where individuals can be true to themselves and not be judged. For Tess, the setting where she finds a sense of home is at Talbothay’s Dairy. The aspects at Talbothay’s Dairy that indulge the sense of home are: having freedom of expression, a comfortable and friendly environment and being surrounded by love. Although some of these qualities can be seen in other settings throughout the novel, Talbothay’s Dairy possesses all three. Throughout this essay, comparisons will be made to further examine how Talbothay’s Dairy enriches Tess’ home life much more than any other setting.

An aspect that should be expressed within a home is being able to have freedom of speech and expression. This means that an individual should be able to be true to who they are and be able to express whatever thoughts or feelings they may have. This is seen at Talbothay’s Dairy because Tess is able to act as herself and not be put down for it. When Tess lives in other various settings, her freedom of speech and self-identity is stolen from her. She does not speak her mind or if she does, it goes unheard. Other individuals make decisions for her and walk all over Tess. An example of a setting where this occurs is at the D’Urberville country house with Alec. With Alec, Tess’ right to say no is overstepped. Alec makes decisions for her and forcefully ensures that this is the way things precede. At one point in the novel, Tess starts to cry and instead of being sensitive, “ ‘What are you crying for?’ he coldly asked. ‘I was only thinking that I was born over there,’ murmured Tess. ‘Well-we must all be born somewhere’ ” (pg 88). Alec is very insensitive to her thoughts and feelings...
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