Tesco Swot Analysis

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swot analysisA03 SWOT
Strength –
Weakness –
Tesco's failed American adventure: lost in translation
Tesco, they hardly knew you: the US's version of the widely loved (or at least widely tolerated) British brand has bitten the dust, with the announcement of the total closure of its chain of US supermarkets, Fresh & Easy. A brief flicker on the supermarket landscape in California, Nevada and Arizona, Fresh & Easy failed to become profitable over its five years in existence and not just because its name made it sound like it was, at best, a feminine hygiene product. Americans just didn't get it. And Fresh & Easy didn't get Americans.

Opportunity –
Tesco could bring Harris & Hoole into stores
The supermarket has a 49 per cent share in the independent business, which operates a chain of 10 coffee shops in London and the South East. Speaking in the supermarket’s official blog, CEO Philip Clarke said the move would be part of Tesco’s ongoing effort to improve its store environments and offer an “appealing destination for customers”.

Tesco partners with Apple for Clubcard deal
Clubcard holders can use reward points earned by shopping at Tesco or using its credit card to buy a range of 10 Apple products. These range from EarPod headphones for £16 worth of points to a fourth generation iPad for £430 worth of points. A Tesco spokesperson says: “This is a great opportunity for Clubcard customers to use vouchers they’ve accumulated on this great range of market leading products. We have a range of products to reflect all budgets, including some really accessible entry point products like the iPod shuffle and EarPods.”

Threats –
Tesco apologises for horse meat row in ads
The ad confirms that Tesco has withdrawn from sale all products from one of its suppliers, which were found to contain horse meat. It continues: “While the FSAI (The Food Safety Authority of Ireland) has said the products pose no risk to public health, we appreciate that,...
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