Tesco Organisational Change

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This assignment is based on the concept of Organization change and it will discuss around various concept of change within an organization. It is based on the selection of an organization that has undergone through a change and in which people has adopted or resist the strategies of change. Aims and Objectives:

This assignment will be comprise of the below mentioned objectives that will actually analyze all the changes that an organization has actually faced. * To identify the processes and model of change and what are the strategies that might help in encourages people to positively respond to that change. * To identify the main drivers that has actually triggered the need for change in the organization. * To analyze the organizational change with the help of EFQM model. * To evaluate how people will react to that change and will survive within that change. * To identify the ways that can help in dealing with the resistance towards that change. * To evaluate the strategic change initiatives and what recommendation can be made in order to gather good data and avoid biasness. What is change?

According to Potter, Mark (2011) change is an activity that takes out the organization or a person out of their comfortable zone. It is sometimes positive and sometimes negative and takes time for the adjustments. According to Chhabra et al (2007) states that Organizational change is the change that comes in the overall working environment of an organization and sometimes cause discomfort to the people initially. Organizational change:

According to Potter, Mark (2011) Organizational change is a state that an organization undergoes from one state to another. This change can be in the policy, strategy, technology and culture of an organization. This change can be sudden or preplanned and requires wise strategies towards the management of people working in an organization.

Change management:
According to searchcio-mid market.tech target.com Change management is a methodical term which deals with change both at the individual and organizational level. It deals with three different aspects.

1. Controlling change.
2. Effecting change.
According to the Tesco website it is the Britain’s foremost retail company which is dealing with 37,000 stores all over the world and have employed over 440,000 people. Tesco is dealing with 30 countries outside the United Kingdom. Tesco is actually working on the concept of change and all the employees are striving hard to respond to those changes. The name Tesco has first appeared on a shop in Edgware in 1929 and since that time this company has developed and grown up with so many new innovations and opportunities for the business and for the people as well. By the early 1990s Tesco has faced so many strong competitors and for staying at the competitive edge they need to have new strategies according to the new situations so here concept of change occurs. Sir Terry Leah was very wise in making decisions. He was the Chief executive in 1997 so he decided to find out where they are actually lacking so that they can easily work on those areas. So he found the root cause on which they need to work. He came up with the statement that we are good in buying and selling but we have actually forgotten the needs of our customers so he decided to pay much more attention to their customers. So he started this activity with the simple question asked by the customers what are we doing wrong? After this question they actually started investing in those areas that matters to customers e.g. the loyalty scheme such as club cards, Tesco.com, our internet home shopping service. He further illustrates his concept with giving ease to the customers and giving them a reason to come back to Tesco again and again. Tesco Mission Statement:

"Creating values for customers, to earn their life time loyalty".

Values behind Tesco business:
* No one tries harder for customers....
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