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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Unit 2: People in Business in Brent cross park Tesco|
IntroductionIn this section of my course work I would like to clarify and analyze the Brent cross park Tesco, and I will be looking at the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor , manager and workers just before the business, they will be a discussion training and development opportunities as mean to maintain motivation staff.| |

The roles and responsibilities of manager in Tesco Brent cross park The roles and responsibilities of manager of Tesco are to organise and to control the resource expenditure. If you’re a manager of Tesco you have to be a household for the company as they have chosen you to a manager. As you are the manager of Tesco you have supervise and manage the overall performance of the in the department. You also have to analyse the report and give recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality and quantity. As manager of Tesco you have to achieve business and organisation goals, vision and objectives. You also have to communicate the employees and tell them how they can their aims and objective. You have to encourage the employees to do the career development training. As Tesco manager you have to be responsible for the growth and increase in the organisations of finances and earning. As manager you have to identify problems create choices and provide alternatives courses of action. Communication

As you are a manager of Tesco you must have a good interaction skill and the ability to communicate with your employees. If you talk to the employees this will create self-confidence and trust in one another, so next time when you give the employee a task he/she will be able to resolve the problem easier as soon as possible ,this will make a more productive and hardworking team. Since Tesco are one of the major retailers in the UK, communication between him and the workers need to be clear and concise, so that when it comes to a decision a mistake is not...
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