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Tesco is the biggest private sector employer in the UK. The company has more than 360,000 employees worldwide. In the UK, Tesco stores range from small local Tesco Express sites to large Tesco Extras and superstores. Around 86% of all sales are from the UK. Tesco also operates in 12 countries outside the UK, including China, Japan and Turkey. The company has recently opened stores in the United States. This international expansion is part of Tesco’s strategy to diversify and grow the business. Tesco started to expand into markets outside Britain in 1979. It entered Ireland by acquiring a stake in a retail venture. It exited the market in 1986 as it found itself unable to sustain its operations. Again during the early 1990s, Tesco examined the options available in the European countries and entered France acquiring a major holding in Catteau Supermarkets. This venture was also unsuccessful and Tesco made an exit from France in 1997. In 1994, it ventured into Scotland by acquiring a retailer William Low. In the same year, it also acquired a 51% stake in Global Supermarkets, Hungary... Their global operation management strategy :

 Effective daily production
 Good Planning of distribution
 Scheduling of production in advance
 Forecasting the demand and planning accordingly at right time  Coordinating the demand forecast very systematically and effectively  Sharing the forecast with all suppliers.
 Source planning
 Planning and sourcing in association with all suppliers.  Receiving inventory and transportation from suppliers
 Production operations
 The consumption of materials
 Controlled Outbound operations
 Cheap but quality Warehousing
 Easy Transportation to customers
 Order placing after taking into account of all the constraints. The constraint includes customers, distributors, distributing facilities and centers, suppliers and facilities of manufacturing.  Well maintained and updated web initiatives

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