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Digital marketing strategy:
• Environment:
Tesco launched its online channel Tesco Direct in 1996. Until 2000 the offer was limited to groceries and only run on a regional basis. Since then, Tesco moved beyond online grocery retailing and offered a wide variety of products on their Web site http://www.tesco.com, which was simultaneously installed as brand name for Tesco’s online activities. Shortly after, Tesco was already considered the world’s largest and most profitable Internet grocer. When Tesco started introducing e-commerce services, there were only few retailers who are doing so. Tesco were viewed as frontier when they started offering their e-commerce services. One of the Tesco's strengths that it was the largest market globally. Tesco planned their vision and goals properly. Moreover, Tesco managed their opportunity in leading UK e-commerce and they succeeded in achieving this goal by 2000.

• Goals:
As I mentioned in the previous point, Tesco planned their goals properly. They were willing to become the biggest online grocery in the world and the UK number 1 e-commerce business. They were required to develop their strategies toward the changing which are happening in the environment world wide, but they achieved their goals quickly. In order to be a market leader, Tesco developed each step to reach this significant goal.

• Strategy:
Tesco expanded their market which was only in Europe and Asia to cover the United States too. This strategy complements their vision and reflects the changing consumer needs and the increasingly global nature of Tesco's business. With important new additions around being a multi-channel retailer. Tesco allowed their customers to shop by using their smart phones to scan the products' barcodes, and get them delivered to their homes.

• Products and services:
1. Fresh food and groceries:
❖ House hold items
❖ Bread and fresh bakery items...
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