Terry Fox: Video Response

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Terry Fox Video Response Journal

After watching the video and discovering a little more about Terry Fox with the guest speaker and all, it has reminded me once again about Terry's courageous achievement. For many years, ever since I came to Canada, I learned about Terry Fox, ran the Terry Fox Run, Terry Fox fundraising for Cancer Research, watched videos about Terry during assemblies, and have discussed about Terry's bravery; each time I hear about him, he never ceases to make me look back at myself and think, 'If Terry can run the Marathon of Hope with an amputated leg, what can anything else stop me from achieving my goals?'

Terry was a normal teenager just like me, my peers, and anybody else, but the little something that made him special was his courage to actually do something about what he eventually came across. He knew what he went through, he felt what cancer was, and he knew that he wanted to do the best he can do to lessen the suffering for children that were going through the same pain as he did. And so, he made a difference.

Every year, as I hear about Terry and his big accomplishments, it makes me think that really, it does not take much to achieve your goals as long as you have the courage and bravery to do it. Terry really showed that when you have the motivation and mind set to do something, you really should do it, because everything really comes from your heart; nothing more is needed. His actions always makes me feel that I have to be brave, be proactive, and go for my goals when there is something that I really want to accomplish. Often times, I do not have enough bravery to "just do it" or I become lazy and I have indeed failed to accomplish my goals multiple times, but Terry really brings me back up that I should keep trying and never give up. If Terry can run across Canada with an amputated leg, why would anything keep me from achieving my goals, when my goal will probably be less of a big deal than running all the way across...
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