Terrorists' Justifications for Their Actions

Topics: Terrorism, Sociology, Violence Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Terrorists’ Justifications for Their Actions
Alexandra C. Zuñiga
CJ290/ Terrorism
Mr. Scott Thompson
Kaplan College

Terrorists commit horrible acts of violence. They justify their actions with a wide range of reasons why the actions they carry out are “right.” Most terrorist organizations must convince themselves that the opponent is “evil.” Some commit terrorist acts against others in the name of their religion. An outcast believes that being an outcast in itself is his justification for joining a terrorist organization. There are many justifications for the actions and behavior of terrorists in their minds, but that is only in their minds; one person’s justification is called a “bad excuse” from someone else’s point of view.

Terrorists’ Justifications for Their Actions
Terrorists are human beings that commit terrible acts that in their own minds are justified. Their justifications vary from religion to their economical status to simply finding, “where they belong” within a terrorist organization. These justifications may not be accepted by the public eye; however, to a terrorist, the most important thing is to be able to justify his/her actions whether or not the reason for why they do what they do is accepted by others. In the Name of Religion

Globalization is the world getting smaller. One of the things that make people and countries smaller, for example, is the internet. The internet is accessible to anyone who has a computer, a cell phone, or an internet cafe. Western values, including religious ideas and concepts, are thrust upon people in other cultures who did not know this even existed. The information posted by the internet is the initiation of “social and cultural changes…that constitute a dominant theme throughout human history,” (Alcorta, Phillips, and Sosis, 2012). Religious organizations have taken notice of the rapid cultural change. They grow to be most displeased of the changes and mockery for their religious...
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