Terrorism in Peru

Topics: Alberto Fujimori, Peru, Shining Path Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: December 2, 2012

* Forgiveness Means Love

Alejandra Cárdenas

Modality: Essay

Villa Caritas

Grade:11 B

Stage:High School

July 2012

Forgiveness Means Love

What would happen if a doctor told you are dying tomorrow, would you forgive the people who ever hurt you? Or would you die with that resentment in your heart? Everyone has been hurt at least once by actions or words from another person. It is difficult to forgive such an injury. These wounds can stay forever if you don’t learn to forgive the ones who hurt you. Forgiveness means peace, love, respect, hope. We all talk about a peaceful world, but we don’t make an effort to make it happen. “Love is around us” but we reject it and prefer to obey our carnal desires. We expect people to respect us, but we don’t respect others, and sometimes we make fun of their believes. Hope is all it is left. Hope to have a better world, hope to become a better person, and hope to forgive others. A clear example of forgiveness is terrorism in Peru. Today we still have resentment and thoughts of revenge for what Abimael Guzman did. But we need to forgive so we can live our lives in a peaceful way. After a long battle of terrorism in Peru, Abimael Guzman was finally put in jail in 1992. All the families were enthusiastic by the news and felt more secured. He was captured by the Intelligence Special Group, led by Alberto Fujimori, the president on that time. They started investigating various residence of Lima and found out that Mr. Guzman was hiding in a house of a lady. They found some medicines used for a treatment of psoriasis, a disease that Abimael Guzman suffered. Shining Path was a group of terrorists, who believed in marxism-leninism-maoism. They thought that fighting would solve all their problems. They wanted a change but they were not heard. It was a fight between the proletariat and the state, between...
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