Terrorism in India

Topics: Political philosophy, India, Want Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: February 24, 2013
According to me, Terrorism is nothing but creating fear in the hearts of the people by one or the other means. This has become the problem for not only India but for many countries all around the world. We cannot blame the government for everything, because this cannot be happen without the internal support. Another important aspect is the lack of technology that we have. America being the strongest military force in the world is also struggling to get rid of these things. The terrorist targeting poor people to fulfill their needs, there are not only killing people but also playing with the emotions of the people creating fear in every hearts.

The another aspect I would like to highlight here is, Indian law should be strengthened, it should be free from all the political pressures. Why I am telling is that, if you take the example of kasab, everyone knew that he was behind the 26/11 attack yet s till we looked for evidences to punish him, why these ruthless people need excuses for their deadly acts ? today one kasab tomorrow there will be more, they don't deserve excuses they should b killed there itself whey they found there is no need to look for the evidences, it is only a waste of time. If we take so much time in providing justice to People of India then how can we expect that these law will provide justice to common people. The political parties should unite and take strict actions instead of quarreling among each other.

Causes of Terrorism are,

1. Economic crisis.
2. Economic challenges between developed countries.
3. Religion.
4. Corruption.
5. Lake of education.
6. Government policies.
7. Reservation.

How to control terrorism,

1. Awareness and education.
2. Social responsibility.
3. Support to financially back ward classes.
At last what I want to conclude is People should take it as their responsibility and join hands with government instead of blaming on them and report it to higher authority people immediately if they find...
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