Terrorism Essay

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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The reason the anti-terror legislation in Canada introduced after 9/11 has been effective in stopping terrorism in Canada has been due to investment in national defences, constant addition to the legislation, and new powers given to police if a person is suspected of terrorism. Points

* It gives the police wide, sweeping powers to act on suspected acts of terrorism. * It allows suspected terrorists to be detained without charge for up to three days. * It makes it easier for the police to use electronic surveillance, which used to be seen as a last resort. * It allows for preventive arrests.

* It allows judges to compel witnesses to give evidence during an investigation. * It allows for the designation of a group as a terrorist organization. * The Official Secrets Act has been renamed to the Security of Information Act and it creates new offences against threats of foreign powers and terrorist groups and allows ministers to declare certain actions secret. * The Canada Evidence Act was changed so that the courtroom could protect classified information. * The National Defence Act was changed so that the Communications Security Establishment could intercept communication of foreign targets and to take control of security checks of the government computer networks to protect them from terrorist activity. * Since the attacks, Canada has spent an additional $15 billion on domestic security. This includes a range of things, from paying for reinforced doors on the pilots’ cabins in planes to adding detection scanners at Canadian ports and U.S./Canada border crossings. * The military salary has been increased by 9 billion dollars since 2002.
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