Terror on the Seas

Topics: Piracy, Ship, A General History of the Pyrates Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Terror on The Seas. Daniel Sekulich. 175 Fifth Avenue,New York, N.Y.10010 St. Martin’s Press, June 2009.278
Lucas Weinrich
Terror On The Seas
The book I chose to read this quarter was Terror On The Seas, this was written by Daniel Sekulich. This book is about the history of piracy and how today it is becoming more and more popular because of the large profit these pirates can make. If they board a ship that has minerals or items on it they can blackmail who ever ones that boat and make millions of dollars if they do it correct. They do it around 3rd world counties usually because they have very minimal government and they often have to comply with the demands of the pirates. This is a very smart technique by the pirates because they are using the countries disadvantages to their advantage.

The history of piracy dates back to 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece when they used to intervene trade routes and steal everything they have. The Vikings then made it very popular to destroy towns and take everything the people had and this is one form of piracy. This happened the early 1600’s and lasted until the late 1700’s. The idea was to come into a town with advanced weaponry and many men to seize control of the town and use everything in the town to their advantage, they would eat all of the food, take all of the people gold and silver, take their possessions that were worth value, and take the women and keep them as their own wife’s sometimes or after they were done with them kill them. The harsh reality is that piracy was very popular and is making a strong comeback because of how easy it was and how easy it still is today if you have the right equipment. Back when the Viking and true pirates as we all think of today, they would try to hit the ship with cannons until the crew would surrender so they could take everything the crew had and then see if the crew would like to join their crew. This was a practice mastered by few but tried by many. One...
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