Territorial Expansion

Topics: United States, Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812 Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: January 3, 2013
In the period between 1800 and 1850 America experienced a marked change in national unity. Territorial expansion had a large effect on national unity in this period. Territorial Expansion was among the great subject of debates during the period 1800-1855. These debates discuss arguments in favor or non-favor of U.S. Expansion. The arguments express concerns, fears and advantages the nation will experience by the consequences of expansion.

Documents A, C, D, H and I are against territorial expansion. Between 1800 and 1823 the Louisiana Purchase and the Treaty of 1818 boosted national unity. First, the Louisiana Purchase boosted unity because it helped spur the Era of Good Feelings and it displayed Western loyalty. The 1803 Louisiana Purchase helped spur the Era of Good Feelings because it marked the beginning of the downfall of the Federalists. The Federalists opposed expansion because they feared that new territories would drain off their New England population and compete with New England economically, which would decrease their potency in America. James Elliot, a federalist from Vermont states in document 'A' that the Constitution does not mention the subject of acquiring new land. The treaty does not state whether or not you can or can't acquire territory, therefore; the treaty is unconstitutional. “It is a great mistake.” John Calhoun states in doc. H. “..Very few, indeed, have had the good fortune of forming a constitution capable of endurance.” He continued. John believes that if the constitution allows people to acquire new land it would be a mistake due to their lack of ability to maintain a stable civilized state, and trust that all people are capable of self-government. The people that are against the expansion on see's it to be trouble and believe we can live without it.

Documents B, E, G and J are in favor of territorial expansion. Document 'B' is a map displaying the distribution of votes in the House of Representatives on the declaration of...
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