Topics: Terrorism, Jihad, Violence Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: March 30, 2013
The captioned topic for group discussion is one which everyone will feel identified with, making it less complicated as the aspirant who speaks either in favour or against the topic has enough information at his disposal to put forward his/her viewpoints. Terrorism is perhaps the most discussed topic since 9/11 attacks on the US. 

First, let us see what can be the points in support of the motion.

Points in favour of the topic (Pros)

1.Terrorism is the emerging issue across the globe at the moment. The rise of terrorism in recent years and more terrorist organizations coming in open arena has put the nations in shock. Their glaring attacks on countries have put the entire world on tenterhooks. 

2.Terrorism and religious terrorism are viewed as victories and exultation in the eyes of people who are supportive of the religions and who advocate such acts. The act of the 'Holy War' is something that occurs after much oppression or is caused by some elemental hatred that stems from something far more disastrous. There are various terrorist groups operating in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel and they have been targeting either the people of other religions or the crowded public places where innocent people are their primary victims.

3.Terrorism is the use of illegitimate force to achieve political ends by targeting innocent people.  Public fear is the key to understand the psychology of terrorism.  

4.The word terror implies fear, which the entire society suffers from, as this is the object of any terrorist. The threat of harm to innocent people is what makes terrorism powerful. The glaring examples are the 9/11 attack causing the fall of World Trade Centre in New York, 26/11 attack on Mumbai where hundreds of innocent people died for no fault of theirs. Attack on the Parliament in New Delhi where many innocent security personnel died. Nothing moved the terrorists.  In this sense, it is the same as what makes military operations powerful -...
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