Terre Rouge State Secondary School: System Analysis

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i. Definition – Nature of Problem a) Introduction b) Forms that data takes c) Origin of problem d) Methods currently in use with problems| 5 to 95 to 67 to 899| ii. Investigation and Analysis a) Interview b) Observation c) Documents d) User Requirements| 9 to 2110 to 1314 to 1516 to 2122|

i. Definition – Nature of Problem

a) Introduction
Terre Rouge State Secondary School

Terre Rouge SSS is a Form 1 to Form 6 College situated in Bois Pignolet Terre Rouge. It has as immediate neighbour Professor Hassan Raffa SSS. T.R.S.S.S. was founded in 1999. It started its operations on 8th January 2000 with incomplete school premises. The school population is as follows: Number of students: 549

Number of teaching staff: 53
Number of non-teaching staff (administration): 6
Workmen group: 16
The school compound is a square shape, two-storey building and includes: 1. 28 classrooms, large enough to accommodate 30 pupils
2. 2 workshops for “Design, Communication & Technology” 3. 2 equipped Art Rooms
4. 2 well-equipped Computer Rooms
5. 1 laboratory block, including 2 laboratory rooms for Physics, Biology and Chemistry respectively. 6. 1 medium-size library
7. 1 staff room, large enough to accommodate around 55 teachers.

The school is controlled by the Rector, Mr. Rashid Jeeawody, assisted by the Deputy Rector, Mr. Sham Jagessur and the usher, Mr. Prakash Cheemantoo. The school operates from 8 o’clock of the morning till half past 2 of the afternoon.

Concerning the pupil attendance system of the school, regular attendance is performed at 8.00 a.m. and at 1.00 p.m. This is recorded in the attendance register. Lateness forms should be filled by those students who reach school after 8.10 a.m. Early departure forms should be filled by those students who leave the school premises earlier than 2.30 p.m. Early Departure Forms should be signed by the person (most of the time the responsible party) who comes to fetch the student wishing to leave the school premises before 2.30 p.m.

b) Methods currently in use with problems
Although the school is working progressively, it is facing lots of problems. Some of the problems are the following: * When students are absent, the next day they do not bring the letter of absence signed by their responsible parties. Thus the school does not know whether the parents are aware that their wards were absent from the school.

* Most of the students who reach the school premises late do not return their lateness forms at the usher, Mr.Prakash’s office. Moreover, some irresponsible class captains do not submit the attendance card by the end of the day.

* There is too much paperwork. Insertions, amendments and deletions of data are difficult. Moreover, the files are not kept in a proper reasonable order. For every transaction, i.e. the admission or transfer of a student, employment or transfer of a teacher, recording lateness, absence, early leaving, editing any detail of the file and so on, different files are used.

* Generating reports is so difficult. Mr. Prakash has to go through the all the attendance registers to make the absence report. He also has to gather all the lateness and early departure forms to produce the lateness and early departure reports.

* Too much physical space is required to store the files. Mr. Prakash’s table is full with so much essential papers. They include attendance registers, lateness forms, early leaving forms, attendance cards and reports.

* Information is easily lost easily. While getting rid of old forms and documents, Mr. Prakash sometimes mistakenly throws necessary documents.

* It is time consuming to search for any information. As there is too much papers on Mr. Prakash’s table, it is too difficult to find any specific information. For instance, to mark a student arriving late to the school as being present,...
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