Terracog Gps

Topics: Marketing, The Unit, Vice president Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Introduction & Key Issues
TerraCog is a manufacturer of GPS products for serious outdoorsmen. The company was founded in 1977, making it an old company relative to the industry. TerraCog’s position is in the high end and has won them “plaudits for durability and value-added features.” In 2006 a competitor, Posthaste, introduced a satellite-imagery enabled GPS called “BirdsI.” TerraCog initially chose not to respond based on research showing that the imagery did not improve the unit’s performance. When BirdsI sales exceeded expectations and TerraCog sales reps reported demand for an imagery-enabled unit, TerraCog CEO Richard Fiero realized they needed to develop a product to remain competitive in the industry. Fiero tasked his development team with designing a satellite-based GPS, dubbed “Aerial.” Fiero selected Emma Richardson, Executive Vice President of TerraCog, for the task of, “moving TerraCog toward greater operational alignment and increasing cross departmental cooperation.” The case focuses on Emma bringing this new product to the market place in a timely manner and at a competitive price. This task is being hindered by departmental, market, and personal obstacles standing in the way, with each group only recognizing their own compartmentalized needs. Project Aerial appears to have degenerated into a series of blame casting sessions among the various department heads, who are each ignorant to the other group’s motivations and needs. •Research and Development (R&D) does not wish to focus any additional time on this project. R&D is anxious to end this project so they can resume focusing on new cycling and athletic products. •Production does not want to be pressured by deadlines that will ultimately affect the quality of the product. •Sales needs a product they can effectively sell to their consumers. Sales believes consumers want the product to cost
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