Terracog Global Positioning Systems

Topics: Global Positioning System, Competition Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Case Title: TerraCog Global Positioning Systems Name: Ahmed Yassin Sometimes lack of competition gives a false sensation of security. I think this may be the problem that TerraCog faced. TerraCog had been the very top GPS manufacturer ahead of any other competitor and this made them very confident of their position in this rapidly growing field of technology though they had plans and projects of their own. When a new competitor appeared they couldn't realize the threat imposed on their market lead and the new situation that needed to deal with, hence review their current plans. Even when their Marketing managers told them that they are starting to lose market shares to their competitor, they just deluded themselves that it was just the holiday season and that their competitor wouldn't last. They even couldn't see that their competitors wouldn't easily abandon the lead it achieved. After lingering for a precious time in denial they were awaken very late by the fact that they are losing unless they can cope with the new technology introduced and even that they are having other competitor (Garmin) who was able to adopt this technology in more feasible way than they do.

I think that TerraCog shouldn't have neither underestimated their competitor nor wasted a second in making their decision about adopting the new features in their devices. They could have made a higher edge product with greater features outperforming their competitor's at a higher yet justified price. Right now they have put themselves in a very critical situation. They should either manage to make their new device at competitive price and features or they can just accept their defeat in round 1 and may be they can introduce something outstanding after a period of time, however they should put in mind that their recently unleashed competitors wouldn't be standing in the same place. TerraCog has a huge mission to accomplish as they couldn't realize what they...
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