Terracog Case Study

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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In this case, there are three main meetings which have been held. Throughout these three meetings, and according to the TerraCog’s meeting culture that I observed, I can find some problems that may generate some negative influence on the meeting dynamics and may not conduct a good result easily. To begin with, I will brief describe the performance about these three meetings regarding the project of Aerial. According to the timeline of events providing by the case, these three meetings are held from spring 2007 to March 2008 whose topic is concerning the product design, market positioning, cost estimates, and price making. The first meeting is held in order to “speed development and avoid the costs of new moldings and major reconfiguration” (Case PP3). The product design & development team decided to redesign based on the old products within the existing GPS technology. As the case, the convener of this meeting is Richard Fiero, the president of TerraCog, and the participants include Allen Roth, director of design & development, and ED Pryor, Vice president of sales. The main issue for this meeting is regarding the features and quality of the new product competing with the rivals such as Posthaste and Garmin. In this meeting they successfully reached the agreement about what kind product TerraCog will design and produce, and Roth was tasked to be in charge of the designing and cost estimating. Because this is a brief and short meeting just for assigning the tasks, there is few conflict and disagreement in the meeting. The second meeting is Aerial Pre-Launch Meeting which is convened be Emma Richardson, the new executive vice president on March 7, 2008. Because the design team completed Aerial by the end of 2007 and the product team had finished the test of the model, Richardson held this meeting with sales, production, and design & development to discuss the cost estimate and retail price of the new product. The specific participants are Emma...
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