Terms of Endearment Film Review

Topics: Life, Love, Family Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: August 9, 2012
The file "Terms of Endearment" is a great example of life changes and how it affects everyone including the individual and the people around that individual. In the beginning of the movie, you saw how Emma grew up and what kind of mother Aurora was to Emma. Emma went from being a young child to being a mother herself with many life changes in between including; teenage years, young adult, getting married, having kids, moving, and death. During the times of Emma's life changes her mother and others around her were also going through life changes. Emma's mother Aurora went from a single women with a few men that were interested in her to finding happiness with one man, Garrett. Garrett was going through changes of letting go of the past, living in the present, and settling down with one women Aurora. Emma's best friend Patsy, went through many of the same changes as Emma with the exception of the illness and passing away. Flap, Emma's husband went from being a husband to a widow, and having his kids raised my their grandmother. Emma's children grew up in a hostile environment because Emma and Flap were always arguing, which confused the kids and made it harder to grow up with an understanding of a loving household.

In "Terms of Endearment" there are many forms of resilience in the characters which range from least resilient to most resilient. The least resilient characters are the children because nobody prepared them for all of life's changes they were eventually going to go through. From the time they were young they had to listen to their parents arguing about money, the love affairs, and the problems in their marriage. Tom grew up resenting his mother because he thought she was the cause of all the fights. Even at the very end when she was saying goodbye to him she had to tell him she knew he loved her and she loved him because he was still angry at her for everything but she didn't want him to live with any regret. Teddy heard all the fighting...
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