Terms of Endearment Analysis

Topics: Pocahontas, Roger Ebert, David Ogden Stiers Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: April 30, 2013

The great things about family and friends are the times and conversations that we have. Our conversations can change as fast as Halley's comet shooting through the air on a clear night. One minute we are crying aver the death of a loved one, the next minute we are laughing so hard our guts are going to spill out. The movie "Terms of Endearment " is just that kind of movie; laughing, overbearing parent, adultery, and lots of tears. Gene Siskel said it best, " to reflect life with all of its energy, missed opportunities, warmth, cruelty, joy and bad luck."(CT)

We first met Aurora Greenway by the sound of her voice and her husband's talking about the baby sleeping in the nursery. The door to the nursery opens and by only the light of the hallway shining in, Aurora states," She's not breathing, it's crib death." In a calm and cold hearted manner. She climbs onto a step stool, leans over the crib, and pinches the arm of the sleeping baby till she cries. "That's better," Aurora says as she turns on her heels and goes back to bed, leaving the baby to cry.

Years late her husband has passed away and Emma is all grown up sitting on the lawn watching for "the" astronaut to move in next door. Pasty, her best friend has come to spend the night. Patsy and her are up in Emma's bedroom smoking majiuana filled cigarettes, singing songs. Emma is wearing a bridal veil. Aurora goes knocking on the bedroom door, asking Emma if she could met her in Aurora's bedroom.

Aurora sits with Emma discussing what she was going to get her for a wedding present, but then realizes why she can come up with any answers. She objects to her marrying Flap. " You are not special enough to overcome a bad marriage," is the statement the she tells Emma. The heartless consideration that she has for that sentence, I believe that there was only one of two reasons that she could have said that to her; one that she really knows that Flap Horton will end up betraying her...
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