Topics: Flower, Flowers, Love Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: April 14, 2013
If Hamlet were to leave a bouquet of flowers by Ophelia’s grave after she died it would consist of: aloes, yellow chrysanthemums, dark geraniums, honeysuckles, yellow lilies, marigolds, and peonies. He would give her aloes and marigolds because they are symbolic of grief and despair. Hamlet feels despair and is grieving over the death or suicide of Ophelia. He would give her yellow chrysanthemums which symbolizes slighted love. Hamlet secretly loved Ophelia but could not show it so that his plan would follow action and he would seem insane. At one time it seemed like Ophelia was in love and Hamlet did not reciprocate it. When Hamlet seemed to love Ophelia it was not reciprocated in a good way because she did not want his love after the way he had treated her earlier. He would give Ophelia white chrysanthemums which symbolize truth to show that he was only hurting her so that his plan would work and that he never really meant it. He would give her dark geraniums that symbolize melancholy after Ophelia’s death Hamlet seems to be in a gloomy state of mind. He would also give yellow lilies which symbolizes falsehood. He would give those to her to show that he was sorry for the way he treated her it was not true at all it was false. The last flower in the bouquet that Hamlet would give her is the peonies which symbolize shame. These would be part of the bouquet to show that he was shameful for what had said and done to Ophelia and that if he could he would take it back. He felt that he would have a chance to say sorry and that they would be able to get along together again but that is no longer possible and he feels really bad about it.
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