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Microsoft Case Study
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Getting the Word Out

We want to share our customers’ technological success stories with the world. Like in any business, our satisfied customers are our best marketing partners. Finding their stories and making the best use of those references in sales and marketing activities are key objectives of the Microsoft Customer Reference Program. On Microsoft.com, one of the most visited Web sites in the world, case studies demonstrate how companies use technology to cut TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), improve developer and end-user efficiency, reduce administrative chores, and increase profits. Sharing the Business Value of Technology

Microsoft has long believed that one of the best ways to help IT executives make key technology decisions is to show them examples of how we help other organizations achieve their business goals by using our products and services. We are interested in how companies are using technology to gain competitive value. So we try to position references as business cases, showing how companies use technology to solve problems, improve business processes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Do a Case Study with Microsoft?

We believe the best reference relationships are built when we strive for outcomes that benefit both parties. For Microsoft, the benefits of a positive documented reference are obvious. For our customers, some of the key benefits have been:

* Reward your innovators. The feedback from favorable publicity far outweighs some of the internal praise your company could give to your creative employees.

* Raise your company's image. Case studies about your successful work send out a positive image of your company. Potential employees will be more likely to want to work for you, and prospective customers and partners will be more likely to do business with you.

* Promote your brand. A Microsoft case study puts your brand in front of people who...
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