Termpaper: 3 Day Road by Jospeh Boyden

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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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Admiring the character of Xavier Bird both in psychological and physical perspective: Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden When a soldier is being pressured by the wrath of the war, then like the fires of the rifles the measure of each personality and values are greatly put to the test . Admirable character Xavier Bird can be found at the award winning novel Three Day Road: Joseph Boyden. Three day road is a novel about two friends, Xavier and Elijah who grew-up and enlisted in the army together, as they fight their way through the trenches and the war they encounter. This essay would bring a more focus and depth about the character and how admirable Joseph Boyden portrayed his characteristics. Even though the trials of the war afflicted Xavier. Having him to experience in both physical and mental stress, but still Boyden portrayed Xavier as a very traditional, respected and a devoted comrade; this is widely evident throughout the book. Not only that, he also values the friendship he has with everyone even though he may be considered as a foe by his very own best friend. Thirdly he is the most admirable in terms of his physical skills. These admirable portrayals of Xavier Bird made a great impact in the novel Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. Although it seemed so simple its adequately admirable in every way. Traditional , respectful , devoted, all perfectly describe Xavier Bird. Xavier was born and raised traditionally by Niska, ever since he was still a child and carried his tradition until he became a man. He is a traditional person in a way he wants his comrade Sean Patrick, a guy he barely even knew was shot and killed. He wants the body to be left under a tree so that in their own belief the "soul can leave without hindrance" (no citation). He also says his own prayers in Cree while the other soldiers does their own sign of their faith and says their own prayers as well, "... I say my own prayers to Gitchie Manitou.."(112). This shows a...
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