Termite Behavior Lab

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Do any of these utensils; blue Paper Mate pen, pencil, highlighter, and marker, have a 2

The termites, a small white insect which eats wood and live in hot countries, are the group of unsocial insects that are classified as the Epifamily Termitoidae. While termites are commonly known, especially in Australia, as "white ants", they are only distantly related to the ants. A pheromone is any chemical substance released by an animal that serves to influence the behavior of other members of the same species. Furthermore, the pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. Thus, the researcher did an experiment to see whether or not the writing utensils have a pheromone that attracts termites. hen termites find a food source, they use a pheromone to mark the trail from the food to their nest Hypothesis

If the termite is placed in the middle of the paper with several lines drawn using different writing utensils, then the termite will walk around the paper randomly. Since the Paper Mate pen is not a termite, because only a termite has the pheromone for termites, then termite will not react to any Paper Mate pen. Materials

The materials needed to begin the lab are; white A4 paper, small brush, marker, highlighter, pencil, one pen which is not from Paper Mate, Paper Mate pens, and, a few termites. Methods
To begin the lab, the researcher needed one piece of white A4 paper. With the writing utensils, marker, highlighter, pencil, one pen which is not from Paper Mate, paper mate pens, the researcher draw even lines from the center with the drawing utensils. Secondly, the researcher placed one of the termites on the middle of the paper. Thirdly, the researcher observed the termite carefully and wrote down all the observations. Finally, the scientist repeated the experiment and to see whether the same results happened. Results

From the result, the...
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